DLG Computers Ltd

DLG Computers Ltd, Has a reputation as a store that delivers IT innovation and support with a personal touch.

It is our mission to ensure that we offer the best possible range of IT products and services alongside in-depth consultation and advice that ensures your specific IT requirements are achieved.

We employ a team of talented and passionate technology experts with a wealth of pan-industry knowledge to enable us to tailor solutions and services that think outside the box, and ultimately go that one step further in meeting your precise needs. So whether you need help with supporting your home IT network, finding the right product, setting up a SMART home, or fixing your laptop or mobile device, our team will have the expertise to best help support you.

Contact: Darren Reynolds

DLG Computers Ltd

50 Brighton Road

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Email: sales@dlgcomputers.co.uk

Website: www.dlgcomputers.co.uk

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