MOA (Mancinism Organic Apparel)

Mancinism wants to make a difference to the world with our Equality & Diversity ethics and values, starting with you! E&D isn’t about treating everyone the same, it’s about giving everyone the same opportunities, despite the divided sides we’ve been taught to choose. Our world is overrun with money-hungry capitalists, private corporations bleeding us dry and destroying our environment. A legacy of difference must be built, but the power is in numbers, so as a “one-mancinism army”, I call on you to help make this change for all of us…

Our service offers you the opportunity to express yourselves with the art of words and / or graphics, without opening your mouths, which is then applied to organic tops and eco-friendly supplies. Whether you’re a rebellious individual, or a group who cares enough about corporate social responsibility (CSR) to make sure you only purchase ethical and sustainable materials, to encourage this lifestyle for yourself and others.

Contact: Winston Hoyte

MOA (Mancinism Organic Apparel)
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Twitter: @MancinismDesign

Mancinism Organic Apparel Equality Diversity